Term of use


1. These Nautika-Yachting.com General Terms and Conditions shall exclusively govern any contractual relationship between the  Agent and the Client (the “Charterer”).

2. The agent , under the terms and conditions provided here, will provide the charterer with the services of chartering of yachts only. The agent is the only outsourcing agent (the company providing the yacht and related services, hereinafter referred to as the "Charter Company"), and therefore the Agent acts as an intermediary between the Charterer and the Charter Company.

Payment, cancellation, costs

1. Yacht charter will be confirmed subject to receipt by the Agent of 100 % of the charter price in season time and 50% in low season time and 50% one month before charter. In all cases payment must be received in full before the dead-lines indicated by the Agent or the Charter company.

2. The cancelation policy, including minimum time before which the Charterer can withdraw from the contract and reimbursement of payments available to the Charterer is case of cancelation by the Charterer shall be governed by Charter company’s General Terms & Conditions. The cancelation policy shall be submitted to You on Your separate written request.

3.If the charter company does not provide a yacht or at least equivalent to an agreement specified in the contract for an alternate yacht, Frachter may refuse and receive from the Charter Company any amount paid in accordance with all contractual amounts. All other charter claims for damages are rejected, with the exception of the intentions of the Charter Company and gross negligence.

5. Except as expressly stated in the booking confirmation, additional costs such as, but not limited to: fees, captain, national park fees, transit log, starter package, final cleaning, bed linen and security are not included in the subscription price and will be charged to the Charges Company arrival in accordance with the terms of the General Agreement.

Privacy policy

1. Any personal data of the Client raised from Nautika-Yachting.com within the use of the services of Nautika-Yachting.com are used by Nautika-Yachting.com in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements of data protection.
2.The Client agrees that Nautika-Yachting.com will collect, process, and utilize the users information and related data if this is required for the recognition, limitation and removal of defects and errors in the server installations as well as for infringements of these terms and conditions.
3. Nautika-Yachting.com may transmit the necessary accounting information of the client to other service providers and third parties, as far as it is required for the determination of fees or necessary for the completion of an invoice.
4. Nautika-Yachting.com won't process, use or transfer personal data of the Client without the client's express consent. Nautika-yachting.com give the Client information free of charge and promptly on stored data that concerns that person in accordance with the applicable requirements of data protection.

Agent’s liability

1.The Agent waives all liability for the failure of the Charter Company, including (but not limited to) failure to present a yacht or claims for quality defects, unsatisfactory conditions, poor performance, durability, fitness for purpose or other services provided or provided for in contractual terms. All such Charterers' claims are submitted to the Charter Company. An agent honestly (but without any responsibility) can help you to handle such claims.

2. The Agent shall not be liable for any of charterer's lost profits. 

3. All claims related to the chartered and brokerage relationship are governed by the law applicable in the country of the registered office of the representation. The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of the Agent.

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